Hand Turned from wood from the bell surrounds, St. Paul’s Cathedral London

Please note that ALL the pens listed on this page now come in a box which has, on the lid of the box, the engraving as shown in the next picture.

Example Pen Box

The Pens:

1) Hand made pen and pencil set made from wood that came from the small bell surrounds at St. Paul’s cathedral, in a lovely hand-made wooden box. Only £79.95 and comes complete with a certificate of authenticity.

Hand made pen and pencil set

2) Beautiful hand made pen that takes a Cross refill. Made from the bell surrounds at St. Paul’s. In a wooden box for just £39.95.

Beautiful hand made pen

3) Two examples of another beautiful hand made pen, this time made from St. Paul’s wood shavings embedded in transparent resin and then hand turned on the lathe. £140

Shavings in Resin Example 1
Shavings in Resin Example 2

4) St. Paul’s wood pen. This style of pen is the ultimate in writing luxury. A superb finely balanced pen with a body hand turned from some of the most important heritage woods to be made available in many years, and with metal parts in stainless steel. £140

St. Paul’s wood pen

5) A mid range pen, with St. Pauls wood body and contrasting wood finial and section. Metal parts can be in either stainless steel or gold plated, and the pen can be supplied with either a rosewood or a maple box (see images below). It’s your choice! Cost is £69 whatever your specify: Just choose from the option box below.

Mid range pen