Now, I know cufflinks are not an obvious turned wood item, as they are mostly metal and not generally turned, but having the materials (copper hull cladding and oak recovered from HMS Victory or from the bell mounts at St. Paul’s Cathedral) made them a ‘no-brainer’, so here are your options to purchase an example of cufflinks made from these rare heritage materials set into solid Sterling Silver mounts .

1) A pair of cufflinks featuring very attractive hand turned pieces of oak wood from HMS Victory OR oak wood obtained from St. Paul’s Cathedral

Per pair of sterling silver cufflinks with heritage wood inserts,  £170

Option Choices

2) A pair of cufflinks featuring inset pieces of copper metal obtained from the cladding to HMS Victory’s hull. The intriguing colouration and texture on the surface of the copper is entirely natural and results from the copper being immersed in sea water for long periods of time.

Per pair of cufflinks with HMS Victory Copper inserts, £170

All of these items are sold in a presentation box, and come with a certificate of authenticity, signed by the present day Captain of HMS Victory