Hand crafted boxes, made to order using reclaimed wood. Most of my boxes are made from English Oak, but I do take commissions in mahogony and lime-wood with an oil and varnish finish. Boxes for all purposes and occasions, made to a high standard of finish.

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Here are some examples of my clocks. All are handmade in my workshop and can be any type of hardwood with pattern inlays of your choice. Every Clock is fitted with a high quality mechanism. All my clocks are unique designs and made to order.

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Signs often require jointing. I attach each strip of wood (arranged alternately to counteract any movement) with biscuits. That's cabinetmakers biscuits, which are oval pieces of ply that are designed to give a greater gluing area.

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Fountain Pens are having a resurgence in popularity. Top of the range examples sell for hundreds of pounds. My fountain pens have good quality gold plated nibs and take both a cartridge and a universal cartridge, so you can fill up from an ink bottle.

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The Greatest Range of handmade Wood Pens and Signs all handmade in my workshop in Wiltshire, UK

Over the last seven years I have been making a variety of wooden things: Jewellery boxes, Carved House Signs, Bowls, Salt and Pepper Grinders, Pens, etc, etc. I enjoy a challenge and will have a go at almost anything, but by far my most popular items are Pens, Fountain pens, Rollerball pens, Biros and Propelling Pencils. My other other passion is hand carved house signs. These signs are beautifully finished, each is an individual unique piece of carving that can only enhance the look of your house. I mostly carve my signs out of English Oak but I do take commissions in mahogany and lime-wood. Indoor signs get four coats of danish oil, whilst outdoor signs have an easily maintained durable oil and varnish finish so are best able to withstand the rigors of the weather.

New sign, with hinged side panels and highly decorated finish.

Registered with the Register of Professional Turners.