High quality handmade bowls made in my workshop in the heart of Wiltshire.

This whopper is the biggest segmented bowl I have turned, too many hours work to even think about! It would make a lovely table centrepiece.
Example Price £245



This platter is made from ash with a rim of walnut and jarrah
The ebony butterfly key is a homage to world renown furniture maker George nakashima who incorporated this into many of his projects.


Even the underneath can be nice. I have made a segmented ring for the platter to sit on, nice and neat.


Lovely sycamore large platter , what can you say ? It’s just lovely!
Example Price £85


This platter is made from lovely straight grained maple with walnut veneer detail.
When you make something like this accuracy is everything, all the joints need to be perfect.
Perfection for £85 (Example Price)


Even the base is lovely
Still £185 (Example Price)


This is one of the nicest bowls I have made.
Made from hundreds of pieces of maple and walnut, probably about 20 hours painstaking, enjoyable work.
Loved making it.
Example Price £185


Top view of segmented fruit bowl, made from walnut, ash, Pau Amarillo, oak, mahogany, and beech.
Example Price £85


This beautiful yew bowl was harvested from wood that came from the Longleat Forest.
Yew is a lovely wood to turn bowls from, you can get just the right mixture of heartwood and creamy sapwood.
Example Price £85


This lovely waney edged oak bowl was harvested from wood that also came from Longleat Forest where it could have been for hundreds of years!

Price £55


This bowl is made from walnut, oak, Pau Amarillo, maple and beech.
Example Price £55


Each bowl is made individually, they are priced from £48 to £200 each
If you would like a bowl specially made to your own design please get in touch by using the contact form.