Fountain pens are having a resurgence in popularity, Top of the range examples sell for hundreds of pounds. My fountain pens have a good quality gold plated nib and take both a cartridge and a universal cartridge so you can fill up from an ink bottle.

All of the pens in this section can be either a fountain pen or a rollerball simply by changing the mechanism over.

Rollerball Order No RB0001

Fountain Pen FP0001

This pen is made from a burr from a wood called Jarrah, it only grows in South West Australia and is beautiful. It can be either rollerball or fountain pen, wooden box.
Rollerball Order No RB0001 or Fountain Pen Order No FP0001
£45.00 each, post free in wooden Presentation Case.

Rollerball Order No RB0002

Fountain Pen FP0002

This beautiful fountain pen is truly unique made from a central band of mahogany with Pau Amarillo either side between these there is a detail of maple and on the outside is a banding of African Blackwood.
Absolutely beautiful.
Rollerball Order No RB0002 or Fountain Pen Order No FP0002
£60.00 each, post free in wooden Presentation Case

Rollerball RB0003

Fountain Pen FP0003